We sometimes need to release the stress and tension that is bottled inside of us – not anywhere, but at a specific place. A healthy way to do it is not to scream at your co-workers or keeping it deep within.

An effective way is to sing it out!

We’ve got you covered with these 5 songs that you can dial up on our machines so you can express yourself wholeheartedly, without injuring anyone (yourself included).

Hebe Tien ???- Xiao Xing Yun ???

It starts fairly mild but the song goes into full on regret in the chorus – a timely and easy belting exercise!
Ironically, this is one of the most requested songs during weddings, but this song is about the one who got away. So, if you insist on having this song please reassure your loved one of your feelings to them after.

Eric ??? – What’s Wrong ???

What’s Wrong is the theme song for the 2019 Taiwanese drama ????????; Hello Again. It is from Eric Chou’s EP album Freedom and this song questions how can a love end so easily? How can both parties be hurting in a relationship? Just listen to this track and pour out all your regrets through the questions asked.

Jay Chou ??? featuring aMEI – ??

You shouldn’t be singing this song alone, grab a friend and duet away. A melody for the broken hearted that is sure to heal, don’t hesitate to pour out your emotions on this one – we promise we won’t judge.

Yu Wen Wen ???- ??

Actress and singer Yu Wen Wen sure knows how to turn on the ‘feels’ when she sang this song – and you can too, with yet another ballad about heartbreak. Easy choruses to follow, you will soon be singing without looking at the lyrics on screen.

??? Fish Leong- ??? How Am I

From the latest album after a 7-year of hiatus, Fish Leong’s main hit wants listeners to ask themselves about the condition of their hearts. No matter how lonely one is, don’t be afraid, strive ahead and they will be able to change tomorrow’s destiny of tomorrow through self realisation.

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